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The Digitization of Energy/ The Ener.d Project

Master's Thesis

The Digitization of Energy means energy is now treated like data, being generated, claimed, used and transferred by anyone, to anyone, anywhere.

The move to renewable energy is following the blueprint of fossil fuel. The system invites the biggest energy companies to erect our wind farms in The North Sea, which are often the same names who have been drilling there for 100 years.

Energy Democracy: All natural resources belong to all humans. Therefore, all energy generated from natural resources belongs to all humans.

By creating a blockchain based peer-to-peer market for energy, individuals can engage in the energy trade, incentivised to further generate, share and save energy. This inspires the need for more efficiency in generation systems, which spawns The Ener.d Project.

Instead of corporations, individuals can crowd fund remote generation farms, and be allocated all the energy that farm produces, creating a bottom-up energy generation system, fuelled by the chase of generation efficiency.


Manchester School of Architecture, 2022

Resources and Power.png
Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 23-02-26 Explore Digital Energy.png
Screenshot 2022-05-11 at 00-39-31 AerogeneratorX Digital Energy.png
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